M.C.S. Facchetti is a family-run business founded in 1977 that carries out the technical design and construction of moulds for die casting light alloys and thermoplastic injection moulding.

The innovative drive and passion of its founders, coupled with the experience and specialised technical expertise, make M.C.S. Facchetti a point of strategic reference and reliability in the automotive, aerospace, hydro-sanitary, packaging, electronics and design sectors.

Our collaboration with research centres and continuous investment in avant-garde production systems guarantee the construction of large and particularly complex moulds from a technical point of view.

Our customer satisfaction oriented approach, measurable in terms of increased productivity of the mould, means that our business processes are focused on the entire process and product life cycle.

Our continuous improvement orientation is complemented by an entrepreneurial vision that views quality and safety in the workplace, employee involvement and skills development as all-important when it comes to having an advantage over the competition.

our history


Facchetti Pietro and his wife Cappa Brigida found M.C.S. Meccanica Costruzione Stampi, in Mura (BS).


Commissioning of the first numerically controlled machining centre.


The use of avant-garde software for the simulation of die cast (Procast) and injection (Moldflow) mould filling allows the technical department to gain information on the specific forming process on which to base the best design.


The company moves to a new premises, spanning an area of 15,000 square meters, of which 3,500 square meters are covered.s


The technological upgrade continues with the commissioning of a large scale, high-precision machining centre, with a robotic pallet changer.s


In confirmation of the company’s focus on and care for its employees, the production manager Mr. Fulvio Dusi is awarded the “Stella al Merito del Lavoro”; the honour awarded by the Italian Republic for workers who have distinguished themselves for their expertise, hard work and ethical and moral conduct in their business dealings.


M.C.S. buys a plant for heat treatment of steel components, thus bringing a crucial phase of the process of constructing high-quality moulds in-house.


The introduction of the first CAD and CAM software applications ushers in the era of computer assisted design and manufacturing.


M.C.S. achieves ISO 9001 quality management system certification, among the first in the sector.


Commissioning of new, totally automated, heat treatment plants.


Each machining centre is equipped with optical measuring sensors that carry out automatic checks at the end of each work cycle.


Start of the expansion works of the manufacturing area.


years of history




Moulds produced


annual revenue invested in technology and innovation

Any future progress depends on what we do now. We invest in ourselves and in technology.

Our company is a large family where every person plays a key role in the development of our products and services. We are convinced that our human resources are our most valuable business asset: our people come up with solutions that translate into new projects, they know the software, they program the machines and they ensure that the final product exactly matches the initial specifications. That is why we are so committed to recognising and increasing the value of our personnel.

Each member of staff is fully trained and constantly kept up to date on any new technology. Everyone is involved in the decision-making processes that affect their area of work, and are encouraged to input their own knowledge and experience to allow the company the make the right technical choices.

M.C.S. Facchetti is a recognised Cribis Prime Company
Who is CRIBIS?

CRIBIS D&B (gruppo Crif SpA) (part of the Crif SpA Group) is a highly specialised company with advanced business information skills.  It was set up by means of a strategic alliance between CRIF, Europe’s leading credit information and decision support systems, and Dun & Bradstreet, the world’s leading provider of business information, enabling business-to-business commerce for 175 years.

What does it certify?
The ‘Cribis Prime Company’ award is assigned to companies with the highest level of credit standing and financial strength. It is only available to companies that are constantly financially sound, have no known record of bad payments and pay their suppliers quickly.
What parameters does it use?
This recognition is only awarded after analysing a series of variables, such as age of the company, financial statement data and payment history.
The parameters are evaluated using the CRIBIS D&B Rating system: a dynamic, constantly updated financial indicator that measures the risk of doing business with a specific company.

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Since 2011 – Member of Union of Italian Manufacturers of Moulds and Precision Tools

UCISAP certificazione