We design and build moulds for the wide-ranging, varied plastic moulding sector. More specifically, plastic injection moulds, multi-component injection moulds and co-injection (sandwich) moulding.

Our injection moulding solutions are designed for the automotive sector, being used for the production of interior components in cars, mechanical components and plant engineering.

We also manufacture injection moulds for furniture, design projects, packaging, plumbing fittings and sanitary ware: outlet markets where the particular aesthetic and functional requirements need to be balanced with the mechanical and performance constraints faced during the production phase. As a result, our design office often comes up with some highly innovative solutions.

By serving such a large variety of sectors, we often borrow from our knowhow gained in the field of die-casting moulds, adapting this as required in order to apply it to our plastic injection moulds. This approach adds value to our entire corporate system.