Customer orientation is a prime business objective for M.C.S. Facchetti. This translates into absolute quality at every stage of its work to suit the entire process and the product life cycle. M.C.S. Facchetti is constantly committed to research and technological upgrading, making it one of only a few companies in Italy with the ability to manufacture high performance, technically complex moulds for die-casting and injection moulding in sizes of up to 4000x3000x2500 mm. and weighing up to 90.000 Kg.

What makes our company so special is the great expertise of our technicians: we can always come up with innovative, unconventional solutions that represent easily measurable added value for our customers.

Technological innovation is not just limited to design: M.C.S. Facchetti also favours innovative production processes. Our automated systems enable skilled traders to guarantee high performance, in terms of fast production times and quality of the work. M.C.S. Facchetti was one of the very first companies in Italy to use numerically controlled machining centres and CAM systems (since 1984) and has always been at the forefront of technology in this sector, standing out from its competitors.

Our production department boasts highly automated, high quality work centres. These enable us to offer high production speeds and certified precision through strict controls.


  • Mechanical milling, deep drilling, EDM, multitasking turning and other machining required
  • Dimensional report at the end of each work cycle
  • Heat treatments
  • Assembly
  • Acceptance test

Mould maintenance

  • Laser beam welding
  • Tig/Mag welding
  • Heat treatments and coatings
  • Optimisations


Our specialisation is the construction of complex and/or large scale moulds:

4000x3000x2500 mm.

Maximum mould size achievable

90000 Kg.

Maximum achievable mould weight


Our technological machine park includes:

  • 10 x5-axis milling centres
  • 5 multiaxis boring and milling centres
  • 2 deep drilling and milling centres
  • 2 grinding centres
  • 3 EDM centres
  • 2 multitasking turning centres
  • 3 welding equipment (Laser, Tig/Mag)
  • 1 mould testing press
  • 2 thermal treatment plants for:

Controlled atmosphere hardening
Stress relief with post-oxidation
Gas nitriding